Recover accidentally closed programs in Windows

Satheesh C B | Sunday, May 18, 2008 | 0 comments

Have you ever ended up closing a program that you didn’t mean to close? For example, maybe you have several browser windows open, your email open, instant messengers connected, and a photo editing program like Photoshop open. You go to close Photoshop, but you accidentally click the wrong “X”, thereby closing the browser and all of the tabs that were open too.

GoneIn60s is a nitfy little freeware app that can recover any accidentally closed program for up to 60 seconds.Once running, Gone lives in your Taskbar as a yellow lightning bolt. After you close a program, right-clicking on the icon will give you a list of recently closed programs that you can reopen, without any information being lost. Double-clicking on the icon will rescue all recently closed programs.


Gone has a customizable blacklist of programs that you don't want it to save when you close them--it comes preloaded with Notepad.exe--and it has a "kill windows" option that prevents Gone from saving changed documents

Here are some key features of "GoneIn60s":

  • Click the X or press Alt-F4 to close an application
  • Just restore the application to recover it
  • To recover, rightclick the tray icon and choose an application
  • Doubleclick the tray icon to recover all applications
  • If not restored, it is gone in 60 seconds

SysReq:Windows 2000/XP/Vista|Freeware |Ver 1.3| Size 205Kb

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