USB Disk Ejector 1.1.2

Satheesh C B | Thursday, May 22, 2008 | 0 comments

USB Disk Ejector is a small and effective tool that allows a user to quickly remove USB devices in Windows. It has the ability to eject any USB device for safe disconnection from the system


  • Eject the drive that the program is running from.
  • Eject a drive by specifying a drive letter.
  • Eject a drive by specifying a drive name.
  • Eject a drive by specifying a partial drive name.

When run as a ‘normal’ GUI program the tools enables USB devices to be quickly ejected through a mouse click or keyboard press. It’s especially useful when dealing with multiple USB devices and for Vista users who don’t want the ‘now safe to remove this device’ dialog box to appear.

Download Freeware Sys Req :Windows XP/Vista 466 Kb

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