How to access MS office files online?

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Office Live Workspace is an online space provided by Microsoft for saving, accessing, and sharing documents and files. Using it one can access his / her documents from anywhere over an Internet connection via Web browser.This tool can be used for grouping information for work, school, and personal projects.

Office Live Workspace emphasizes collaboration rather than composition. To share documents with other people, you can send them a secure URL without requiring them to sign in with a Windows Live ID. Everyone with access to the workspace can make and view each others' comments.

Those invited for editing can make changes to the work, as long as they have Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on their hard drive. Office Live Workspace handily preserves the Track Changes feature from Office apps while also keeping five histories of a file. And the Share View screen allows control of another user's PC


Access files from anywhere
  • Access documents from almost any computer with a Web browser
  • No more flash drives - documents are there when and where you need them
  • Password-protected document sharing; you control who can view and edit your work
Work with programs you know
  • Save over 1,000 Microsoft Office documents in one online place
  • Open and save files directly from familiar programs like Word, Excel, and Power Point
  • Synchronize contact, task, and event lists with Outlook
  • One just needs to sign up and and get a Windows live ID to start using it. The web interface of Live Workspace is very well designed, making it very easy to use. One can create office documents on their machines and directly save them in the provided Web space (using .NET passport).

    Another great feature of this workspace is proper management of different versions of the same document. This helps in better understanding of content and even enables one to rollback to a previous version if required.


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