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Satheesh C B | Tuesday, July 29, 2008 | 2 comments

Kallout is a tiny Windows utility that integrates web search inside Microsoft Office documents, Outlook email, text files opened in Notepad or even PDF files that you may be reading inside Adobe Acrobat Reader.KallOut serves up content from the most popular sites on the web inside floating information palettes. Using only your mouse, you can now avoid the disruption of launching a browser and let KallOut bring you the best the web has to offer.

KallOut is designed to seamlessly integrate into the everyday tools you already use. Instead of copying text and then pasting it into a browser whenever you want more information, you just select text and KallOut does the rest.

Selection-based search allows you to get results up to 10-times faster than traditional browser-based search. Instead of opening a browser every time you need to search, simply select any word or phrase, hover over the KallOut target and choose the appropriate KallOut menu item.

  • Selection-based search dramatically reduces the number of steps between you and the answers you seek
  • Search in context eliminates the need to copy/paste terms into you're default search engine and stops time-wasting typos
  • Invoking search without typing the search term keeps your hand on the mouse and saves you time
  • Over 60 million terms (and counting) have been pre-trained with BestGuess suggestions
  • Enjoy the serendipity of finding great content from suggested sites you don't normally visit
  • BestGuesses are constantly re-ranked based on the wisdom of crowds
  • Avoid the disruption of opening a full browser window every time you want to search
  • Access the search results you need right next to where you need them
  • Search while you read or write without losing your place on the pageRead Wikipedia articles, watch YouTube videos, view Flickr photos, etc. all without opening a browser
  • Seamlessly integrate the top sites on the web into the apps you use the most
  • Simply select text to discover the power of "Information at Your Fingertips

System Requirements
Vista , XP Office 2003/2007 IE6, IE7 or Firefox - Broadband Internet Recommeded 3.2MB Homepage

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  1. Hi Spark,

    Thanks for posting KallOut! It means a lot to the team here.

    If you or your readers have any questions, please contact me at matt@kallout.com or post a message at the bottom of the KallOut hompage.

    Matt Lorenzen
    VP of Product
    KallOut, Inc.

  2. Dear SparkSpace,

    Nice find! Really useful application. Very stable & intuitive. For what it's worth, the BestGuess feature in Kallout is spooky smart. (Try highliting "Gisele Bundchen" or "Dark Knight" and you'll see what I mean.)