How to Hide the Themes, Screensaver, Appearance and Settings as well as Prevent Changing the Desktop Wallpaper

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You can hide the themes, screensaver,appearance and settings in the ‘Display
Properties’ window, by two methods—using the Group Policy Editor or via the Registry.The first method is by using the Group Policy Editor. To start it, go to Start > Run, type  in “gpedit.msc” and press OK.Go to the User Configuration tab and then to ‘Administrative Templates’. Then go to ‘Control Panel’, and there, select ‘Display’.

Double-click ‘Hide Appearance and Themes tab’, then click the ‘Enable’ radio button.Click ‘Apply’, then ‘OK’. Your ‘Appearance and Themes’ tab will disappear from the display properties. In the same way, you can select ‘Hide Screen Saver tab’, and ‘Hide Settings tab’ to hide the screensaver and the settings from the
display properties. Similarly, you can also prevent changing of the wallpaper.
The second method is by using only the Registry Editor. To prevent changing of the wallpaper, navigate to


(if the keyisn’t there already, create it.)Once there, create a DWORD called
“NoChangingWallpaper”. Set the DWORDvalue to “1” . (“1” is for disabling it, and “0”is for enabling it.)  To remove the screensaver tab, go to


Create a DWORD called “NoDispScrSavPage”and set the DWORD value to “1”.
To remove the Appearance and Themetabs, go to


There, create a DWORDcalled “NoDispAppearencePage” and set theDWORD value to “1”.To remove the Settings tab, go to


Now create a DWORD called“NoDispSettingsPage” and set the DWORD
value to “1”.

If the System key  mentioned  here isn’tthere, you’ll need to create it under ‘Policies’by right-clicking on ‘Policies’, then selectingNew > Key. Rename it to “System”.Similarly, NoDispScrSavPage,NoDispAppearencePageand NoDispSettingsPage can be created by clicking New > DWORD Value after right-clicking‘System’.

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