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Your internet applications, such as web browsers, instant messaging and peer-to-peer software, are an unlocked window into your computer. Every web page you visit, or every file that you download could be infected with malware. Once infected, nothing you do is safe. Bank and payment information is intercepted and sold to the highest bidder. Personal files, photos and music are encrypted and held to ransom. Emails and contacts are scanned. Your computer is under the control of a hacker

SafeSpace is a revolutionary solution for eliminating the problem of Malware .It creates a virtual barrier between internet applications and your computer, protecting your computer and your personal information against known and unknown threats. SafeSpace isolates internet facing applications in a virtual sandbox, which protects your system files and settings from unwanted changes, and blocks unauthorized access to your private files and data.

When you next log off, or purge SafeSpace all virtualized changes are wiped, leaving your computer clean and malware free. Downloaded files are tracked by SafeSpace to ensure that they always open in the virtual sandbox. Tracked files can be saved to any disk location and stored alongside private files without any additional management. Surf in complete safety. Download with absolute confidence. Log off knowing your computer is clean and your personal information remains private.

You can browse the net with complete safety and download with absolute confidence. SafeSpace protects your computer from unwanted changes, and stops internet applications from reading your personal information. Log off knowing that your computer is clean and your personal information remains private.




In nutshell

  1. Isolate internet applications in a virtual barrier
  2. Contain all viruses, Trojans and any other form of internet Malware
  3. Protect all private information from Spyware
  4. Block all Rootkits and Key Loggers
  5. Preserve your computer configuration
  6. Browse any website in safety
  7. Download and view any file with confidence

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