CafeSuite v3.39

Satheesh C B | Wednesday, December 12, 2007 | 2 comments

CafeSuite is a powerful cyber cafe management software package that can help you with controlling your computers, managing customers, accounting and billing.
The package constsists of two applications:
CafeStation -main program installed at the operator desk. It's used to control the workstations.
Client software-small program installed on all workstations.
Unlike many other programs, CafeSuite is robust, quick and secure. It doesn't matter how big is your internet cafe - CafeSuite is capable of controlling any number of workstations. It is designed to be a great help for all cafe owners, operators and customers.
The basic task of our software is to provide operators and customers with an accurate timing and billing information at any time. The software generates various reports and statistics, which give detailed information about your internet cafe business.
All transactions and actions are recorded into the database and can be reported to the owner. Reports may also be delivered by e-mail.The software works on any TCP/IP network no matter whether you use dynamic or static IP addresses - both are supported.
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  1. Password is wrong cafe suite plz sent me new password

  2. password is ,whether it is not working?