XP Tips and Tweaks

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The following links provide  an extensive range of registry tweaks, tricks, tips and hacks for optimizing and tweaking Microsoft's operating system.

  1. XP Tips&Tweaks
  2. Kelly'sCorner
  3. Twaek XP
  4. 101 Tech Tips and Tweaks for Windows
  5. Tips&Tweaks
  6. Windows XP Tips and Tweaks
  7. Troubleshooting Windows
  8. WinXP Tutor: Windows XP Tips + Registry Edits
  9. XP A to Z: Tips, Tweaks, Downloads
  10. Shell Shocked: Deconstructing the Shell
  11. OSNN: Active Desktop Tutorial
  12. The Tweaking Experience: 2000/XP/2003 News, Tips, Guides + Downloads
  13. NT Compatible: NT/2000/XP/2003 Info
  14. WinNETMag: Updating Drivers in a Slipstream Installation
  15. Bit Bender Forums: How to Setup Windows 95/98/ME on 2000/XP
  16. Bob: Running DOS Games On Windows XP
  17. Tech Spot: Tweaking Your System Startup + Booting
  18. Tech Spot: Windows OS Tweak Guides
  19. Tweakers Asylum: Windows XP ACPI Guide
  20. Maximum PC: How To: Slipstream your XP installation
  21. GameSpot: 18 Tips for Better XP Gaming
  22. Tweak3D: Windows XP/2000 Startup Tweak Guide
  23. XPTuneup: Microsoft XP Operating System - STOP Messages
  24. XPTuneup: Tips List
  25. XP Forums: News, Tips + Files
  26. WinXP News: Newsletter, Tips + Fixes
  27. ExtremeTech: Hacking Windows XP: Speed Up Your Boot
  28. ExtremeTech: Hacking Windows XP: Speed Up Network and Internet Access
  29. ExtremeTech: Hacking Windows XP: Speeding Disk Access
  30. ExtremeTech: XP Kernel Enhancements
  31. Win SuperSite: XP Tips 'n' Tricks
  32. The Whistling Cricket: Windows XP Tweaking
  33. Microsoft: Windows XP Tips
  34. Tweak3D: Windows XP Tweak Guides
  35. Carey: Windows XP - Common Questions and Answers
  36. NTFS.org: News + Tweaks
  37. NTFS.com: Convert FAT32 to NTFS
  38. Scott: Windows XP Home Secrets
  39. Kayo: Windows Resources
  40. TLAB404: Tips & Tweaks
  41. GameSpy: Windows XP: A Gamer's Friend?
  42. TweakTown: Tweaking Windows XP Part 2
  43. TweakHound: Super XP Tweaking Guide
  44. TweakHound: Windows XP Services Default Settings Guide
  45. Fun With XP: Windows XP news, tweaks and links Collection
  46. SS64: Windows NT/2000/XP Command Line Index
  47. FixMyXP: 99 Useful Run Commands
  48. Burke: Windows Information and Links
  49. Win SuperSite: WinXP FAQ
  50. Win SuperSite: Slipstreaming Windows XP with SP2
  51. TweakXP: XP Tweaks
  52. Bob: Windows XP Tips
  53. MSDN: Creating Windows XP Icons
  54. WinXP Fix: Tips + Hints
  55. Rhebus Networks: Windows 2000/XP Technical Advice
  56. DAG Konsult: Windows NT4, 2000 + XP Tips & Tricks
  57. TechBuilder: 23 Ways To Speed WinXP Without Defrag
  58. Blog: Collection of Windows XP Links
  59. Firing Squad: Windows XP Performance Optimization 101
  60. I Am Not A Geek: Windows XP Performance Tweaking Guide
  61. I Am Not A Geek: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Command Console Shortcuts
  62. Ramesh: Windows XP Registry Fixes, Utilities and Tweaks
  63. TweakGuides: Windows XP/Vista Tweaking Companion
  64. OSNN: Understanding Virtual Memory
  65. Herby: Herby's Tweaks
  66. Information Week: Langa Letter: The OS Inside The OS = Windows XP Recovery Console
  67. Information Week: XP On USB Thumb Drive
  68. Riccardo: How to get rid of Locked AVI Bug in Windows XP
  69. PC Magazine: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP: 68 Tips & Tricks
  70. Tech Republic: 10 things you can do when Windows XP won't boot
  71. OnMac WIKI: Install Windows XP on Intel Mac Complete Guide
  72. DotNetJunkies: The PC Boot Process - Windows XP
  73. LinuxAdvocate: Windows XP EULA in Plain English
  74. BroadcastNewsroom: Windows XP Crashed? Here's Help
  75. JSI Inc: NT/2000/XP/2003 Registry Hacks

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