Origami Monster Pack - over 350 designs

Satheesh C B | Wednesday, February 20, 2008 | 0 comments

The Japanese art of paper folding.

Origami (Japanese: ori, to fold, and kami, paper lit. "folding paper") is the art of paper folding. The goal of this art is to create a given result using geometric folds and crease patterns. Origami refers to all types of paper folding, even those of non-Japanese origin.
Origami only uses a small number of different folds, but they can be combined in a variety of ways to make intricate designs. In general, these designs begin with a square sheet of paper, whose sides may be different colors, and usually proceed without cutting the paper.
Origami brings extra meaning to a piece of paper by shaping it into a form that has symbolism such as birds, animals and other shapes.
Monster Pack contents:
ORIG1: Origami designs letters A-J
ORIG2: Origami designs letters J-Z
ORIG3: Extra origami designs (HTML and images)
ORIG4: Origami design books: John Montroll (Animals, Birds/Bugs), Origami Fun, Origami Theory and Rare origami design book: Robert Harbin (Origami 4)



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