Puzzles To Puzzle You

Satheesh C B | Thursday, February 21, 2008 | 0 comments

Shakuntala Devi
ISBN: 8122200141
Edition: Paperback
Dimensions: 136pp
Publisher: Orient Paperbacks (Published: 2004)
136 Pages | PDF | 2 MB
Written by Shakuntala Devi the world famous mathematical
genius from India. she is a self taught prodigy who never
had any formal education. she is also known as the human computer. This is a book of puzzles, and the puzzles in this book are intresting and will involve the reader while solving them.
the puzzles are short in length but will force you to exercise your brain,and use your logical skills. the puzzles are of a wide range from the modern ones to those from an ancient text. There are 150 puzzles in this book, and they vary from simple ones to the more difficult ones. They are intresting even for those who are not skilled in maths. Alltogether,a good book with which one can pass some time, trying these puzzles.

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