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If the clock in the lower-right corner of Windows ever displays the wrong time, you can synchronize it with an atomic clock on the Internet—which will ensure that your computer displays the precise time every time.
This feature is not available on computers that belong to a network “domain” (usually domains are found in offices or other business settings).
To reset your clock:
1. Connect to the Internet.
2. Double-click the clock located in the lower-right corner of Windows. The Date and Time Properties window opens, displaying a clock and a calendar.
3. Click the Internet Time tab.
4. Make sure there is a checkmark in the Automatically Synchronize with  an Internet Time Server box. If it is missing, restore the checkmark by clicking the box.
5. Click the Update Now button.Windows attempts to synchronize your  clock with an Internet time server. If successful, this results in your  computer receiving the accurate time. If it is not successful, then it is  possible that it is receiving interference from another program like a  software firewall. In that case, do the following:
a. Temporarily disable your firewall.
b. Repeat the steps to synchronize your clock.
c. If this does the trick, then consult your firewall’s help menu or
contact its manufacturer for assistance in tweaking the firewall to
give the Windows clock permission to access the Internet

Quick tip

If you have to change your system clock for whatever reason, you can have your Windows clock resync to the correct time by using this command:

w32tm /resync

Since our computers are on a domain, the default behavior is to sync with the domain controller. If you have a personal Windows desktop, the default configuration is to sync with Of course the w32tm command can do much more than resync your desktop time, but for our purpose, it is simple and works great!

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