Satheesh C B | Sunday, March 23, 2008 | 6 comments

I found a Blogsite which is a replica of SparksSpace & Tec-Updates.Just check it ...


Welcome to SparksSpace . This blog launched on Dec 2007 with a focus on Technology.You can find latest Computer Software, Tutorials, Tricks,Tips & Software promotions here!


  1. Hello,
    I'm writing to you in order to explain and say some facts about web places.
    Surely the T&H has some of your posts.But by no means you can claim that it is a replica of your site because you are not the only source.

    Furthermore, there is not any copyrights (like all the web places which serve tips and software).

    From my point of view there is place and visitors for each and everyone of us, the bloggers.

    Summing up, there is a plenty of web places which serve the same service and it is preposterous to do these actions.

    Always friendly and without any offence.T&H editor.

  2. I receive your silence as my answer.

    Always friendly and without any offence.T&H editor.

  3. Friend,I am also collecting informations from net.But there is a difference.I am not copying everything as it is.But in your case you just blindly copying.It is very easy for anybody.There is a lot of effort needed to collect information from net.

    Sometimes I spent more than 5/6 hrs for this.It doesnt mean everything I collected is belongs to me.

    You think nothing wrong what you did ,then there is no use to say anything more
    One more thing.I am not at all interested in a argument with anybody.I have no time for that

  4. Hey T&H why do you want to copy the same picture from spark space' bloag and upload in your blog??

  5. Hello to everybody.
    First of all,pakkaran it is not my intention to just copy some texts from a blog.I'm trying to collect many informations from many sources.

    Spark, It's true that a couple of posts was just a copy/paste.But it wasn't my intention,and that's why in order to serve the best quality I do not pay attention to the images.
    I think that the "theme" is now Ok.

    Regards and without offence.

  6. Spark,
    Fist thanks for your post,
    as you said, im also facing the same problem with their blog.
    My posts from
    are duplicating in

    Hello Anonymous editor from T&H
    Try to write in your won stile
    Be with us as a Blogger :)