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You can replace the spelling checker in word,excel,email program & other apps with As-U-Type ,an amazingly useful tool.As-U-Type automatically flags spelling errors and corrects errors such as double capital letters at the beginning of sentences.

You can also customize this program to detect and expand any short sequence of text into a long text string. For example, "tyvm" can be mapped to "thank you very much" so that every time you type "tyvm," As-U-Type will expand it automatically. The expanded text can be up to 32,000 characters long. Plus, the program lets you keep up to ten clipboard items open simultaneously, ready to paste into any application you use

As-U-Type at work


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  1. I liked this software. Thank you very much for providing this.

  2. Thanks, It really worked perfectly fine, you are doing the really good job. Keep it up. I have leave asutype a years, but I need that again and got from your post. Thanks again