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Satheesh C B | Tuesday, April 15, 2008 | 2 comments

Using AutoCorrect as AutoReplace
There are generally words, sentences, and phrases you repeat many times. Auto-correct can really help here. For example, if you have the word "Microsoft" appearing several times in a document, simply bring up the Autocorrect option and assign a keyword/shortcut that would quickly replace itself with the whole word. So with Autocorrected it with the shortcut "ms"; every time typed in "ms" and hit the spacebar (it's important that you hit the spacebar after entering the shortcut), the "Microsoft" would magically appear.Try it out yourself

1. In Word (2003), go to Tools AutoCorrect Options.
2. In the Replace column, type in ms.

3. In the With column, type in Microsoft. Click Add.
The above is applicable to plain text. However, if you want formatted text with bolding or italics, here's how you do it.

1. Type in the formatted text first in Word, then select it and open AutoCorrect options as above.
2. Select the Formatted Text radio button on the right. The text will automatically appear in the With box. Just enter the Replace details.
Don't like the shortcut? Do this:
1. In the Replace column, type in the shortcut, ms in this case.

2. Hit Delete. Note that this change is undoable. OR If you just want to replace it (even with formatted text), use the same shortcut, but just alter the shortcut in the Replace column. Hit the Replace button to accept the change.

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  1. Sparks cld u plz tell me y d i keep gtng script error whn i use yahoo messenger..tried cleaning temp files but of no use..runtime error....and how can we add images to signatures in yahoo, gmailetc...thanx for ur mails and wonderful research......

  2. You can try installing Cleanup! (http://www.stevengould.org/software/cleanup/)and run it to clean up all of your temp files.As an alternate try Ccleaner from here(http://www.ccleaner.com/)

    Next I suggest we look for the file path in the registry. Go to start, then run. type in regedit. once regedit opens click on "my computer". then go to the menu edit, then select find. type in the path. Let it search.

    Alternatively we can use this to clean the registry:

    Download and install Tune Up 2008
    password: www.thehotzone.org)

    Run Tune Up Disc Clean Up

    Run Tune Up Registry Clean Up

    Click Optimize and Improve to run Reg Defrag, which will take a few minutes and need a reboot. You should disable the antivirus programme to run this and check it is running after the reboot

    After the reboot, click optimize then system optimizer to optimize the computer, select computer with an internet connection from the drop down menu, this also requires a reboot

    After the reboot, click optimize then system optimizer to accelerate downloads, select the speed just above your actual connection speed, this requires a reboot

    After the reboot, click optimize then system optimizer to run system advisor[/color]

    Once this is complete please post back with your results.