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There are Bogus Antivirus  like WinAntivirus Pro 2007 and Pest Capture  available in net.Many are unknowingly install such softwares and  get trapped.


So you've discovered that you've been infected with WinAntiVirus Pro 2007 or other types of spyware. Now you want to remove it and prevent it from further damaging your computer. To remove WinAntiVirus Pro 2007 or other spyware components, please follow the instructions below.

         Download these programs to your desktop and install them: SmitRem ,SmitFraudFix ,RogueRemover ,HijackThis , and CCleaner
That done, reboot into Safe Mode. Open the SmitRem folder and double-click RunThis.bat to start the SmitRem removal procedure. Next, open SmitFraudFix  and choose to search (option 1) and clean (option 2) and run a full system scan to remove anything it finds. Then, run RogueRemover. While still in Safe Mode, run CCleaner. Analyse and clean the files it finds, then click on the Issues button and Scan and Fix any Registry issues CCleaner discovers. Run both the Registry Scanner and the File Analyzer  until nothing more is found.
Run Hijackthis and Remove any leftover issues. Do not delete anything with Hijackthis unless you are absolutely sure what the file is and what it does. For items in the Hijackthis log like the following, which will not get deleted manually, use KillBox to browse to the
location of the file and delete it or delete it on reboot.

 Download KillBox

Items that are impossible to remove unless using Killbox usually show up in the “20” section of Hijackthis, for example:
O20—Winlogon Notify: msupdate—C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\msupdate32.dll
O20—Winlogon Notify: winrir32—C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\winrir32.dll
O20—Winlogon Notify: dvd4free—C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\dvd4free.dll
Reboot into normal mode. Scan your computer using online virus checkers such as Kaspersky Online Scanner and Norton Online Scanner  Also download, install  and thoroughly scan your system using a spyware removal tool such as Spybot Search & Destroy .As a matter of general practice, always install and use  an anti-virus program, update it regularly, and never disable it (even when certain programs ask you to do so), especially when you are online.

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