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Satheesh C B | Tuesday, April 15, 2008 | 0 comments

Listening to music on mobile phones while travelling has become one of people’s favourite pastimes all across India. The sudden blossoming of radio stations everywhere has contributed to this trend. The creators of Mundu Radio believe streaming music from
Internet radio stations could be the Next Big Thing.


There are some preset stations, and you can add more manually throughtheir site, Also, the default playlist, which contains all the stations, can be updated from your account on the Mundu Radio site. Recentlyplayed stations can be viewed quickly from a list that updates itself when you play a new station. We must say it would be nice to able to add stations directly through the
software interface instead of having to log in to the Mundu Radio site to add stations to your list.

Mundu Radio is currently a free beta and upgrades can be downloaded
from their site. How good the experience will be willeventually come down to the quality of service of your provider, and also the schemes suitable for long periods of radio listening.

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