Can't Hear Any Sounds on the Vista Computer?

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The problem is that Windows Vista cannot start an HDA device (high definition audio or a modem (in some cases) when it wakes up from sleep or hibernation.


This is a known issue with Windows Vista and Microsoft does have a fix available on their site, which was released in 2007. Regular updating of Windows Updates fixes this.Microsoft had released a previous fix, which apparently did not fix the problem, and so they have released another updated fix "to fix the fix"!


Download the 937077 package now

Sometimes when you are playing music loud, suddenly Vista prompts for something with a loud sound, not only is it scary when listening to soft music but also irritating. Here is how to tackle it.

Microsoft has included a unique way to reduce/turn OFF the Windows default sounds or any other specific program's sounds if the need be.


1. Just right-click the speaker icon, select Open Volume Mixer.


2. Two volume controls are there; one is the master volume for overall Windows Volume, the other Windows Sounds.

3. Here you can mute the Windows Sounds by clicking the speaker icon. Now no Windows sounds should ever dare to bother you again when listening to music. About the prompts, they cannot be helped unless you are multi-tasking a lot. Just don't do anything else like downloading, surfing, copying, etc. when listening to music to tame the prompts.

In Windows XP follow the instructions:-

1. Go to the Control Panel Start Control Panel .


2. Now open Sound. Click on Classic View if you cannot see it.


3. Under the Sounds tab, select the scheme as No Sounds, in Windows XP, you will be prompted to save a scheme for Windows Sounds in case you want it back or you can simply just click No. If you are saving the scheme, give it any name. Click OK.

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