How To Prevent Data Theft From Your Network.

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Advancement of USB technology now enables us to store gigabytes of data on a USB stick that easily can be concealed in the palm of your hand.Anyone can steal all confidential data or even worse introduce infected data on your network via unauthorised use of USB devices, such as mobile phones, digital cameras and digital audio players .

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Flash drives are a particular threat because they are small and easily carried into office, plugged into a computer and used to copy confidential data without detection, thus rendering established data security measures vulnerable.And their capacity also increasing day to day.

USB CopyNotify! is a software utility that notifies you when a USB Stick is being used on any of the PCs on the network. As soon as a USB Stick is inserted into any of the PCs, this security utility alerts you automatically of the action hence preventing the unauthorized usage of USB Sticks/Drives on your network.


The pop-up balloon contains details such as the computer name into which the USB device was inserted, its IP address, the USB device description plus operational details. You can then directly block the USB port or specify an action such as running an executable file on activation of a particular alert. The software also monitors data copy operations on USB drives and generates a log entry of any files that are copied.



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