ResizeEnable 1.4

Satheesh C B | Monday, June 02, 2008 | 0 comments

ResizeEnable is a small freeware utility to resize any non-resizeable window. Most windows will respond correctly, but some may not! Now you can resize any window.

See the pictures on the right for an example of before using ResizeEnable and after using ResizeEnable.

  • Nothing to install; just unzip and run whenever needed (you will need to run it before the window you want to resize is created, though).
  • Takes up around 5 megs in memory
  • Will sometimes result in strange window behavior on attempting a resize. The window should revert back to normal behavior when it is reopened, though.
  • It can identify windows that can be resized in order not to interfere with them.
  • It will identify windows that reset their size and indicate that these cannot be sized.
  • Can be run without the icon in the tray menu (using the -noicon commandline flag).
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