Startup Inspector 2.2

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Startup Inspector for Windows is a Windows® platform software that helps both novice and expert user manage Windows® startup applications.It  is a basic startup identification utility you can use to make the task easier.

Download and install the program, then launch it. You will see all your startup items listed on the main screen. Now make sure you have an active Internet connection, and click the Consult button in the top menu.

The program will connect  to  its  Online Database  and try to provide  information  for each  of your startup items ‐ click on each startup item to see the details. While details may not be available for every startup item, there is a handy ʹFind More on Googleʹ link at the bottom of the information panel, which when clicked automatically initiates a Google search using the startup itemʹs exact name ‐ very useful.


  • Scans all programs that are in the Windows Startup Folder, Registry and provide you with a background information of the program.
  • Remove harmful programs like spyware, virus, diallers, make your system healthier.
  • Remove unnecessary programs like reminders, monitors, improve your system performance.
  •  Startup Inspector 2.2 |970KB | Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP | Freeware

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