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How to Shrink the Super-sized Back Button

You may notice that   Firefox 3 has  extra large Back button.Just right-click on Firefox's toolbar, and choose Customize to make it small .



Adjust the Smart Location Bar's Number of Suggestions

When you type something in address bar in new Firefox 3 numerous suggestions shown there. But if you're feeling like the number of suggestions is too high or too low? Adjust it to your liking in Firefox's configuration area. Here's how.


  1. Enter about:config into the address bar and hit Enter.
  2. Press the "I''ll be carefull. I promise!" button.
  3. Enter browser.urlbar.maxRichResults in the Filter field to reach this preference.
  4. Set it to your desired number of suggestions. Three shown here.


How to Delete Mistyped URL Suggestions and Other Auto-complete Entries

If you enter an incorrect URL in the Smart Location bar—say, to a page that doesn't exist, or a parked domain—Firefox 3 will still remember it and suggest it again later.To remove a mistyped URL from your suggestion list forever, key down to the suggestion and type Shift+Delete on the Mac, and just Delete on Windows.


Revert the "AwesomeBar" with Oldbar

Revert the “AwesomeBar” with Oldbar  Firefox’s smart location bar —which drops down a suggestion list of destinations as you type into it—is extra verbose and extra-tall, since it includes both web site titles and URLs. If you’re missing Firefox 2’s classic one-line drop-down look, the Oldbar extension can revert the “AwesomeBar” to something less awesome—or at least something that looks less awesome


Set Gmail as Your Default Email client—Without an Add-on


Set Gmail as Your Default Email client—Without an Add-on  Firefox 3’s filetype handling mechanism can now associate web applications as well as desktop applications with certain files. Here's how to launch Gmail when you click mailto: links on web pages from Life Hacker

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