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There are many applications that offer access to your e-mail on the move, but you really liked Flurry.  You have to sign up for an account and then add your e-mail address and password (the one you use to access that e-mail account), and then install the Java installer file to your phone. Now just run the application and you will receive your mails. It’s simple, no hassles, and it will just work! This is part of the reason why we love it. It also works with most phone models, so long as you have Java support and a data connection.

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flurry is...
  1. Fast & Easy. Sign up and download flurry in less than 5 minutes! It's a free application that makes reading and composing email fast and easy to use.*
  2. Multiple email accounts on one phone. Between your ISP, webmail, etc. there are a lot of ways for people to email you. You can add all of them to your flurry account and access them in flurry on your phone.
  3. Easily import your contacts. Import your contacts to your flurry account and then access them from your phone. You can then quickly and easily email or call anyone you know when you're on the go.
  4. Read & share news, blogs & RSS feeds. You can sign up to get all your news, blogs and other RSS feeds pushed to flurry as they are released. Then you can easily share them with your friends while you're on the go.
  5. Get emailed from your MySpace page. Put the flurry widget on your MySpace or other social networking page and your friends can send emails to flurry on your phone when they see that you're away.
  6. Send pictures from your phone. On supported phones, you can easily take a photo in flurry and email it to all your contacts.
  7. Text message alerts when you get new mail. On supported wireless providers, flurry can send you text message alerts when you get new mail. Get texted when specific friends email you!
  8. Search your mail and news, on your phone. You can easily search your inbox with SimpleSearchTM. Just start typing what you are looking for, the same way you use T9, and flurry will find what you are looking for.
  9. It's cheap. flurry itself is free!* We also compress your messages and store them on the phone to reduce your internet plan costs. In a given month, we expect you to use about 1 megabyte of internet data with flurry and we recommend at least 5 megabyte plans for frequent users.
  10. Lots more! Try it out today and see for yourself


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