Wearable Gadgets

Satheesh C B | Monday, July 28, 2008 | 0 comments

Rolling your eyes to turn up the volume of a portable music player and tapping your fingers to turn on a DVD player are among technologies Japan's top mobile carrier is testing for "wearable" gadgets.Mr Hiroyuki Manabe and he is currently employed by a Japanese based mobile company NTT DoCoMo.

NTT DoCoMo believes wearable control technology will be adapted for mobile devices that download music, play video games and allow users to shop online and keep up with their e-mail.


In a demonstration Hiroyuki Manabe wore a giant headset covered with wires to show how computer graphic lines in a monitor connected to the headset darted wildly whenever his eyes moved.The headphones are wired to a system that detects the electrical currents produced by the rapid movement your eyeballs.

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He turned up the volume on a digital music player by rolling his eyes, and he jerked his eyes twice to the right to fast forward.The precision of the system is high and it even lets him control the volume of the music player by moving his eyes up and down. Fast forwarding to the next song is accomplished via quick jerks of the eye to the right.



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