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When you are trying to  install  applications or games, it may prompt you to close all running programs as they might interfere with the installation process. It is better to disable the background programs when you  run system  Defrag or Burning a CD . Doing so one by one is tough and will take a lot of time while closing as well as starting again.


Usually if you are o working with a lot of applications running in the background, it's a long, tedious process to shut them all down, and to start them all up again another long is also  tedious process .Looking for full processing power of your computer for an application or  installing an application that requires you to close all other open programs and processes then you might like Smart Close.



This  program is your one click application closer that comes in handy in the described cases. Even better is the fact that Smart Close is able to save a system snapshot which can be loaded at a later stage again.



Smart Close will display the programs and services that it is about to kill .It  kills the programs so that the user can commence the installation. After the installation has finished Smart Close can be started a second time to load the previous state of the system. It will launch the applications that were running at that time again. Most programs that are closed by the software program will be properly closed meaning that they can save system settings and return resources to the computer system



It will also display a window with protected applications that are needed to run the system (explorer.exe..) One interesting aspect is the ability to shutdown services as well.

SysReq:Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista|Freeware|629 KB


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