ImageXtender for Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

Satheesh C B | Monday, December 22, 2008 | 0 comments

ImageXtender is a unique free application that teaches your Windows XP image viewer to understand more than 200 image formats. This is the first program to display such outdated formats as *.msp, *.gem together with really rare ones, such as *.cals, *.dpx., iff, hdri, raw, sgi

It is easily installed into your system (Windows XP), and provides you with ability to use standard Windows image viewer for viewing files of nearly all image formats instead of 5 available before.


Also, ImageXtender allows viewing non standard formats produced by digital cameras or mobile phones. ImageXtender builds itself into your operating system. Once it is installed, you can view images of most formats in 3 standard Windows modes - Preview, Thumbnails and Filmstrip.




Operating System:win95 win98 windows2000  winxp  | Freeware | 1.5MB


CaptureWiz005   Download imageXtender

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