Have a PC Problem that Nothing Else Will Fix?

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Incidents of malware infections, spyware incidents and user mistakes is growing at an alarming rate,even the most cautious of users will encounter undesired behavior from a Windows XP PC.This leads to unexplained "blue screens" , frequent  system slowdowns , nonworking applications  errors and much more .


1-13-2009 6-46-35 AMReimage.com's instant, online, PC repair tool is a revolutionary new concept in PC repair.It cleans the unidentifiable registry  entries or known problems. It also scans the hard drive and removes viruses, malware, adware or anything that can cause a problem. If the system is unbootable, Reimage.com provides tools on its Web site to create an emergency boot CD, which will enable the subject PC to boot and connect to the Reimage service.


bullet Total repair - Solves all your XP problems

bullet Place the fresh, healthy items on your PC

bullet Easy to use, one click repair

bullet Risk free, money back guarantee

bullet Repairs Windows XP computers instantly


Reimage is available for Windows XP.With Reimage, any software component can be brought back to its original working state. The simple and swift restoration of missing parts and the removal of redundant parts, is far more efficient than the conventional method of reinstalling.


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HomePage Reimage



Build your free bootable XP CD - and fix dead PCs


1. Create a bootable CD image file (.ISO)


2. Burn the .ISO image file on a blank CD

  •   Locate the ISO image file that you have just created (bootcd.iso)
  •   "ISO Recorder" is a free tool (power toy) that allows to burn CD images. Download it from here.
  •   Read here how to use it.

3. Done! You have a bootable XP CD.
  Now you can revive a dead PC!

  • Use the bootable XP CD to boot from the dead XP and simply access your account at www.reimage.com, start a repair. Now you can revive the dead PC!

download the boot-cd

Sys Req:500MB of free disk space|A licensed copy of Microsoft Windows XP CD|127MB

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