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Satheesh C B | Thursday, January 08, 2009 | 1 comments

Iterasi-logo  takes bookmarking pages to the next level. It actually allows you to save pages in their current state.


Iterasi is your personal Web archive, allowing you to snapshot exact copies of Web pages that will be there for you forever. Pages are kept in your secure account where they can be searched, shared via email and published via RSS or a widget.Instead of just saving links, you use Iterasi to save all of the information on a page, including images and links, a process it calls “notarizing.”


When selected, the Bookmarklet runs some JavaScript in your browser which grabs the URL you are viewing and sends it to our datacenter in the cloud. Once there our hardware will go get the page, notarize it, and save it into your account. Plus, since a bookmarklet is basically a link, the iterasi Bookmarklet solution works with any browser.




To use Iterasi, you need to install its toolbar for Firefox or Internet Explorer. When you’re on a page you want to save, you click on the notarize button that Iterasi adds to your browser.While logged into your account, you can organize your pages, make notes, and share them with others.

download_thumb[1] IE 7 Extension v1.3.5.2 for Windows

        Firefox 3 Extension v1.3.5.2 for Windows and Mac

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  1. Very cool tool - just got this artical as RSS feed and tried the iterasi tool.
    Till now the beta works fine - cool idea, cool design - good article!