Power up the Windows Task Manager with Free Extended Task Manager

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We can not resort Windows Task Manager  to know  complete details of running programs on your computer like disk analysis, detailed network utilisation data, locate a running process .Here is a utility called  Free Extended Task Manager from Extensoft  which  provides additional Windows process management features and information about disk activity and network port usage.


The "Disk I/O" analysis  allows you to monitor which applications utilize most of your disk.




The network port monitoring feature allows you to see who is connected to your computer and from which IP address, and who you are connecting to:



If you are unable to delete or rename a file, you can quickly find how it is used and possibly exit or kill the application that locks it in Free Extended Task Manager



  • Displays disk input/output activity with information about related applications
  • Displays network port activity with IP addresses of external computers
  • Displays information about applications that utilized most of the CPU or memory at any time presented on the charts
  • Displays all files locked by a select process.
  • Finds all processes locking a specified file.
  • Includes "Summary" tab for quickly assessing the overall state of the Windows system
  • Allows freezing individual Windows processes
  • Offer various visual and functional improvements over the standard Windows Task Manager



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