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Spam is flooding the Internet with many copies of the same message, in an attempt to nospamforce the message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it. Most spam is commercial advertising, often for dubious products, get-rich-quick schemes, or quasi-legal services. Spam costs the sender very little to send -- most of the costs are paid for by the recipient or the carriers rather than by the sender.

SPAM emails will almost always invite you to unsubscribe from their mailing list. This is a way for them to confirm your email address is real. It will offer a link, or it will say something like 'Reply to this email with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject', never do it.Filtering spam is not a nice job. Fortunately, there's smart software that can rid your Inbox of all the junk mail efficiently and easily





  • spaark006  Cloudmark Desktop: The simplest, most effective spam-blocker for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express .3.46MB
  • IE7Pro  IE 7pro: Ad-free surfing with the IE.IE7Pro is a must have add-on for Internet Explorer, which includes a lot of features and tweaks to make your IE friendlier, more useful, secure and customizable.2.36MB
  • spaark002 K9-Filter: Keeps the Outlook Inbox clean. It is a  free Internet filtering and control solution for the home.620KB
  • spaark003 POPFile: It  is an automatic mail classification tool. Once properly set up and trained, it will scan all email as it arrives and classify it based on your training. 517KB
  • arrowlogo SpamAssassin: is a  Open Sourcemail filter which scans, and attempts to block, spam. 1.44MB
  • spaark005 SpamAware: The application is completely functional after installation and gets automatically active on new mails. It supports Black- and Whitelist filtering and is able to automatically add all your Outlook and Outlook Express contacts and add recipients of mails you write to the Whitelist. 14.2MB
  • spamfighter SPAMfighter: A  tool for Outlook and Outlook Express that automatically filters spam and phishing attempts.1.57MB
  • spamilator  Spamihilator:It is an full featured anti-spam filtering program that works with any email client. It runs as a local POP server that sits between your email program and your mail server and filters mail based on a built-in filtering mechanism. In addition, you can maintain a blocklist as well as a list of friends  and customize the filtering with a variety of settings and plug-ins. The program automatically configures popular email clients (Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape etc.) to work with the filter 1.85MB
  • spampal_logo  SpamPal: Assigns a special tag to incoming spam messages. 787KB
  • logo-spam  Spam Terrier: It is a powerful, self-learning spam filter that can be deployed and used with popular email clients to keep unwanted messages out of your inbox.Monitors POP3 and IMAP account accesses. 1.37MB
  • wpoison-logo  WPoison: It  is a free tool that can be used to help reduce the problem of bulk junk e-mail on the Internet .It helps to combat the junk e-mail problem by effectively thwarting the efforts of junk e-mailers who regularly scan web pages, looking for target e-mail addresses to harvest.
  • MailWasher  MailWasher is the award winning,reliable, FREE spam blocker.It works with Outlook, Outlook Express and every other email program.7.16MB
  •  BullGuard-logo  BullGuard Spamfilter protects you from spam and phishing attempts. Phishing attempts can be costly as they are designed to steal personal information like credit card numbers.It has complete Outlook, Outlook Express and Thunderbird integration. 16.6MB
  • spamato-logo  Spamato filters POP and IMAP accounts for spam with the potential for high precision and plug-ins that make it easy to use in Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird .
  • spaark007 SpamExperts Desktop will block all spam and email viruses before they reach the inbox of your email program.7.52MB
  • spaark008  Comodo AntiSpam :Install Comodo AntiSpam for free and reclaim your inbox. The unique Passcode technology authenticates the sender of every mail – a system that automated spam bots can’t get around.It works with all current Windows operating systems and supports email programs such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape or any other POP3 email application.4.43MB
  • SpamRIP is a highly precise spam filter for any POP email account. A separate program, it lets you preview and delete junk before it reaches your default inbox.443KB
  • Cactus Spam Filter is a free easy-to-use spam blocker. It protects your inbox by learning to detect spam as it’s being used. After a short while it has adapted to your personal mailbox and blocks out most of the junk e-mail. Since the filter becomes personal, spammers will not be able to fool it.603KB.
  • defNULL Spam: Unlike other antispam programs defNULLspam not familiar with the possibilities of artificial intelligence such as the so-called "Bayesian" procedure, but based on "stale" techniques that have been cleverly combined.
  • G-Lock Spam Combat: G-Lock SpamCombat is a spam filtering application that will let you remove spam emails just from the mail server without pulling them down into your Inbox.SpamCombat uses a powerful set of filters to prevent spam from entering your inbox: Complex Filter, Whitelist, Blacklist, HTML Validator, DNSBL filter, and the Bayesian filter.

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