Giving the System a Boost by Splitting the Swap File

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All versions of Windows make use of a swap file. This is virtual memory and acts as hard drive storage space for memory items when you run low on actual physical memory.When physical RAM is completely consumed, Windows data is temporarily shifted to the hard drive. This can greatly slow down the computer, because the hard disk has to work continuously.


If it looks like the RAM is going to  get full, it’s advisable to split the swap file  onto different, newly defragmented hard  drives. Windows can write to several hard  drives simultaneously and thus accelerate  the data transfer process. However, this  makes sense only if you use multiple  physical disks and not just partitions, since  this will force the disk to write to multiple  areas, thereby slowing down access.


First determine which of your drives are separate physically and which are just partitions. For this purpose, go to ‘Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Computer management’. In the tree view structure on the left side of the window, navigate to ‘Storage | Disk Management’. You will now see the physically divided data drives on the bottom right with their corresponding partitions and the allocated logical drives.

In addition to the system drive ‘C:’, search  for the primary partitions of the other  physical drives, note their drive letters and  then close the Disk Management window.For configuring the swap file go to Control Panel > System > Advanced > Performance / Settings. Hit the Advanced tab and go down to the virtual memory section and hit Change. Choose your first partition where you want the swap file, then select Custom Size and enter the size you want for example ‘1536’ megabyte each . Equal values for the minimum and maximum limit define a fixed size, making it impossible for the swap file to fragment the partition and can lead to better performance. Click ‘Set’.


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