Postbox: An Alternative Email Client

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A new kind of messaging application, the Postbox™ email client helps you spend less time managing email and more time using email to get things done. Postbox automatically analyzes your e-mail messages, documents, photos, and links to web pages; then it catalogs all this information making it faster to search for and retrieve


You can preview and double-click to open an email message, but also open within a new tab, much like a web browser. This means you can keep important emails open within a tab, reminding yourself to answer them later in the day, when you have more time.You can view messages in the standard  format or group by conversations, which some people prefer.

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Postbox currently works with IMAP, POP, and SMTP protocols, letting you tie in your Web mail accounts.It only ask you  the type of account (GMail POP, IMAP; Yahoo Plus or MobileMe), your  name and email address. Then as it logged into your  account, it asked for your  password. In Postbox, you can choose which mailboxes get download for offline viewing, if any.


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One of the coolest features about Postbox is the ability to  add links, maps, and images to your new emails. When composing ,on the right-hand side, there is a pane where you can run a quick google or wikipedia search which will display results as you type. You can then drag any of the results over to your message to send to somebody. This can actually come in handy.


Features in detail here |Tutorial here

SysReq:Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista|Freeware|7.67MB


Download_ Postbox™ for Windows

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