Detect Registry and Disk change with SpyMe Tools

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SpyMe Tools is very useful in detecting Registry and Disk changes. If any application installs spyware, adware, dlls, programs, files, or any other type of file, picture, or program, etc. or changes the Registry's content, you will be able to see exactly where the modification occurred so you can take measures. It seems like more and more programs are attempting to install spyware, advertisements, or other garbage without your knowledge, but with this software you will know everything that is added or removed.




After you install the program, you run a system sweep with SpyMe Tools and save the results. After installing new applications or making system changes, you can compare the previous system state to the current one, and SpyMe Tools will show you all the changes.




· Take a Registry/Disk Snapshoot
· Save a Registry/Disk Snapshoot to a Dump File
· Open a Registry/Disk Dump File
· Compare two Dump Files
· Save a Registry/Disk Comparison Dump to a Text File


You can also use the program to backup your Registry. The program can restore old states of Registry keys using the data in the Dump files..SpyMe Tools is a great application, very useful and certain situations and a must-have application for your computer.


SysReq: 98/ME/NT3/NT4/2000/XP|Freeware|1.02MB|  Download SpyMe Tools

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