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Finding it difficult to browse websites due to internet problems?What if you could download an entire website and browse it while you’re offline.Yes you can do so with PageNestFree.


The internet is loaded with millions of websites.If you are facing bandwidth issues or using7-1-2009 6-47-06 AM a connection which requires to pay as you use , it would be better , if you could download entire web site and view it offline.PageNest allows  one to download an entire website including videos and flash objects  onto your hard disk.You can configure options as to   which file types  cab be downloaded as well as set file size limits.PageNest can download up to forty files at once to make the best use of your connection download pages as quickly as possible.All files are saved to your hard disk as standard html, jpeg, etc files. You can browse the sites either within PageNest or from your favorite browser.


All file types will be downloaded correctly by PageNest and given the correct extension so it is usable on your computer.It is fast and allows you to download many items at once. Just enter the address and off you go.It will create an exact copy of what you see in your browser including the text, html, images and css.


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Once a website has been scheduled for downloading,PageNest will start the process accordingly.During the process, if your internet connection is interrupted, PageNest will try to re-establish  connection to the internet and resume the download process.You can configure options such as the number of  times PageNest will try to reconnect to the server and much more as required.


PageNest Free Edition is free for non commercial use and is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Me and 98 | ic_download PageNest | 1.71MB

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