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Satheesh C B | Thursday, July 30, 2009 | 0 comments

Most modern browsers suppress pop-ups automatically, but some pop-ups do get through. To block these, the browser needs to be separately configured which can quickly get to be a pain if multiple browsers are used.


This pop-up stopper is smart and configurable over all your browsers. It doesn’t block ‘New IMGProLogoWindow’ commands issued by a user, unlike some other pop-up stoppers. Customize pop-up alarms with sound, text-bubbles, or a subtle mouse color change when a pop-up is blocked.Individual pop-up windows can be allowed by holding down the [Ctrl] or [Shift] key. Certain sites need pop-up blockers to be disabled. Therefore, it is  better to shutting any pop-up blockers within the browser as well as any toolbars that do this—such as Google toolbar—and only enable this application.


7-30-2009 5-59-07 AM
Unfortunately the pop-up blocker doesn’t allow any white-listing of sites that you want to allow pop-ups from, which ought to be mandatory for a pop-up blocker. Perhaps this exists in the Professional edition.

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