What is Skimming

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Skimming is the fraudulent collection of information from the magnetic strip on the back of a ATM/DEBIT/CREDIT card. It is usually committed by hiding a skimming device in the card slot of an ATM machine or in the card reader in a shop etc. Usually a tiny camera hidden in a strategic location is used to capture the PIN in the case skimming of an ATM card. Card skimming can also be use in restaurants/hotels/ petrol bunks etc where the customer hands over the credit card. The captured information is used to withdraw money from ATM or online shopping etc.


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TIPS to prevent skimming and to use ATM card safely:

  • Never insert a card in a ATM machine with blank screen.
  • Follow the instruction on the ATM screen carefully
  • Change your PIN frequently.
  • Beware of strangers offering help.
  • Never allow the ATM/DEBIT card to be taken out of your sight while making payment in a Point of Sales terminal.
  • Be vigilant and look out for strange devices in ATM room, like any covers over the card slot in the ATM, any overlays on keypads, cameras overlooking the numeric keypad etc.
  • Inform the Bank immediately if any such device is seen.
  • Make sure that you retrieve your card after completion of the transaction.
  • Collect and keep your transaction slips till the entries are reconciled.
  • Always check your statements carefully and make sure that all debit entries are genuine.
  • Report lost/stolen cards immediately.
  • Never keep ATM card and PIN together.
  • When using debit cards, in  a POS , Do not enter the PIN in full view of any person.
  • Safe guard your pin. memorize it.


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