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When your  PC is so full of trash then only a Windows re-installation can help. Since you have installed a lot of applications on the computer over the course of time, an overview including all license numbers would be very helpful. The tool ‘KeyFinder Thing’ is what you are looking for.The tool shows a selection of all important programs with the relevant license numbers.


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Right-click on the icon of an application whose license number you require. Using the command “Copy Key” from the context menu, copy the license number to the clipboard. Through “File | Export Keys | Text File” and “File | Export Keys | HTML”, you can write data in a text or HTML file. Important to know: KeyFinder Thing stores only the program names with their license keys in the text file, while the application adds more information when you export it as an HTML file. If you are unable to find the required license number on the main window of the tool, go to “Tools | Search”, to list further programs. In the results list of this search, you can mark the required entries, by setting a checkmark in front of the relevant entry


Note : KeyFinder Thing  does not find all license numbers on your system.The tool tracks the license number of around 90 90 supported software titles and displays product names and icons in the result window.


OS:Win NT/2000/XP | 196 KB |Freeware | Download

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