Converts Your Scanned Documents to Text With Free OCR

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PDF documents can be  easily shared and easily viewable over networks  . That is most convenient method of transferring documents . With OCR technology, you can make these image-like PDF files into searchable text. The software will scan the document and extract the text from it, making it very convenient to find articles in the future.OCR uses intelligent algorithms that convert images into editable text, preserving the original layout and formatting of the initial document.

FreeOCR is small, simple and easy-to-use, and it include Windows installer and supports multi-page tiff's, fax documents as well as most image types including compressed Tiff's which the Tesseract engine on its own cannot read.It is very easy to use and supports multipage Tiff documents. The extracted text can be edited and exported to your word processor.FreeOCR offer you the ability to copy text from books, magazines, journals,photocopies, newspapers, notes, letters and more. You will need to scan the information you want and then upload it to your computer. So it is easy to edit the material without having to type it all.

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  • It supports most image files and multi-page TIFF files.
  • It can handle PDF formats and is also compatible with TWAIN devices like scanners.
  • FreeOCR also has the familiar double window interface with easy to understand settings.
  • Before starting the one click conversion process, you can adjust the image contrast for better readability.

Free OCR tools come with their own limitations. And scanning a page has to do a lot with resolutions, contrasts and clarity of fonts.

Download :FreeOCR V3.0

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