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ooVoo helps you connect with your friends, family, and business associates like you've never done before with high-quality video and sound.A serious competitor of Skype.It can record video chats to AVI, FLV or HTML .You can also  insert an animated conversation during the video blocks of changing our appearance.You can participate in a video conversation one-on-one or with up to 6 participants using a standard computer (Pentium 4 1 GHz or higher) with just a web camera and headset (or microphone and speakers).

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  • 2-way video calls.
  • Record and send 1 minute video messages.
  • Create 1 video chat room to embed on a website.
  • Friends without ooVoo can join a call with you from their browser.
  • 6-way text chat.
  • Send files up to 5MB at a time.

    The free version supports voice and video calls with other ooVoo users - and you can have two or three talking heads participating in a given call. ooVoo also lets you record video messages, create a video chatroom, and whisk files off to various recipients, which  is really cool and lends itself to many possibilities for archived interviews, panel discussions and talk..The free version of ooVoo comes at a price of another kind: incessant ads.


    Getting started with ooVoo is quite easy; visit their website, download their modest client (~17MB download) and run the installer.

    ooVoo is more than video conferencing. It's a complete solution for team members to stay connected throughout the entire workday. Text chat, desktop sharing, and other tools create a virtual office .So it is a simple, effective and practical to have conversations or face-to-face video conferencing with your friends, acquaintances and family, wherever they are.

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    1. I downloaded the software and I really like it. I will recommend it to my friends.