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SopCast is a  simple , free way to   broadcast video and audio or watch the video  and  listen  to radio  on the Internet .Adopting P2P(Peer-to-Peer) technology, It is very efficient and easy to use.It offers a wide choice of channels divided into categories. (SoP is the abbreviation for Streaming over P2P.)You can build your own TV stations comparable with large commercial sites with minimal resources. Using SopCast, you can serve 10,000 online users with a personal computer and a home broadband connection. You  can see  various  football matches for FREE and those of Italian championship , European Cup (UEFA Cup) , lots of foreign championships, coming  2010 World Cup (in South Africa )and various Cricket Matches.

With one click you can select your rating of the issuer and after waiting a few moments you will be able to receive the desired signal. It is also possible to have the commentary in a different language.Registration is not required for viewing channels. SopCast offers viewers the chance to watch a lot of live football games and other sporting events. It requires Windows Media Player or RealPlayer.



  • State-of-the-art P2P technology. Share the data among all viewers, make the channel more available and stable.
  • Minimal delay in the P2P streaming market.
  • Fast buffering. 10-30seconds.
  • Firewall and NAT traversal technology to pass 90% P2P barriers.
  • Build your own channels and broadcast it over the Internet.
  • Streaming real time streams. Support for many streaming transport protocol. mms, http, etc.
  • Streaming media files. Many file types: asf, wmv, rm, rmvb, mp3, etc.
  • Support for loop file playing.
  • Extremely low memory footprint and CPU load.
  • Standard channel URL: click on any sop:// URL to play.
  • Real time monitor of broadcasting source quality and network quality to help viewers to select a appropriate channel.
  • Record the clips when you are watching it.
  • Can play the stream with your favorite player, such as Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, VLC, etc.
  • Memory buffering, no harm to the hard disk.
  • Support for authentication for both the broadcasters and the viewers. The broadcaster has full control on his channels.
  • End-to-End security, encrypted messages, hi level P2P security, no hijack.
  • Support multiple channels broadcast on the same server. Normally, you can run 5-10 channels on one PC.
  • The Sop Player can be embedded into a webpage or any software applications. It works just like Windows Media Player.
  • The Sop Server and Sop Player can be run both on Windows and Linux. The whole system can be ported to embedded Linux.
  • Freeware, not ad/spy ware.


Download : SopCast | MirrorLink | Os:Windows 2000/XP/2003/7|Need a Internet TV Search engine? Try Myp2p

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