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When you run/use   digital pictures, videos, games  frequently ,  which  often  leads to  slow down  your  PC   and increase of  "frozen" programs. This is mainly due to  the file cache management of your Windows operating system.You needs to restart the PC  every occasion to overcome this.O&O CleverCache will let you will continuously maintain maximum levels of performance on your computer - no new start required, and with just a few clicks of your mouse. It automatically frees up memory by forcing windows to swap unneeded data to the hard disk. It prevents those infamous program and application "freezes" where usually only closing the program with the Windows Task Manager can help

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Key Features:

  • Revamped user interface with clearly laid-out Toolbar
  • Statistical evaluation of the main memory usage
  • Enhanced profile management
  • Creates, exports, and imports individual profiles
  • Detailed memory use and cache statistics
  • System tuning and system monitor
  • Mem-O-Free for more available main memory
  • Mem-O-Safe for increased security in the event of a crash

Application window  will minimize to the taskbar and leave it to run in the background while another application is in use. Even if the application is minimized, it still continues to use main memory resources, possibly consuming file cache resources as well. O&O CleverCache significantly reduces the cache resources and thereby increases available main memory resources. This results in much faster response times

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O&O CleverCache Professional Edition 7.1 costs $29.95.Visit this link to obtain 1 year  free license  . (Page in German, use Google Translate if  needed). Provide your  email address and click on the “Kostenlose Lizenz anfordern” button.Check your mail for  license key.

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Download O&O Clever Cache Professional Edition

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