Voodoo Shield - New Approach for Your System Protection.

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7-14-2013 11-54-58 AMConventional  antivirus software scans PC's for viruses and malware from  the  known viruses list .  Daily , high number of new viruses being created and all these new viruses need to be identified before the list can be updated, which is a never ending process in the case of traditional Antivirus programs .  Updating the virus definitions is a cumbersome job.

But  VoodooShield  have a  different approach by locking the entire computer and blocking all executable computer code . VoodooShield does not require daily updates or scans, and the white list is automatically created through our proprietary, patent-pending snapshot method.

By default VoodooShield comes with a desktop gadget like shield, but you can disable it  easily it  in the options. One nice thing is it can be controlled with one left click in the tray.Another plus is its pretty lightweight.If it blocks a software that you intended to run, simply click on the balloon notification to run and allow the software.You have also the option to automatically  upload the blocked file  to VirusTotal.

VoodooShield costs $19.99 for one year ,but here is an offer for 1 year free subscription from VodooShield.com.Visit the Giveaway page , update you details with a valid email and click Sign up .Check your mailbox .

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To confirm your registration, right-click on the VoodooShield icon and select the "Register" option. You can find the icon in the lower-right corner of your screen .You can download its installer by clicking here


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This Offer is available only upto July 31st 2013

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