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Disk Doctor's Email Recovery (.dbx) software is a tool designed for recovering accidentally deleted Outlook Express e-mail messages from any "dbx / mbx" archive or to repair damaged *.dbx files where Outlook Express stores folders containing email messages.

Micorosft Outlook Express - Overview
Outlook Express is a different application as compared from the Microsoft Office Outlook e-mail client which comes with Microsoft Office for Windows. Outlook Express is bundled with Internet Explorer and uses *.dbx files for storing emails.

    Outlook Express stores its e-mail messages in different formats depending on the version.

    Outlook Express v 4, which shipped with Windows 98, stored messages in *.mbx files.

    Outlook Express v 5, which shipped with Windows 98SE, switched to *.dbx files, with a separate file for each mailbox folder.

    Outlook Express v 5.50 shipped with Windows 2000

    Outlook Express v 5.5 shipped with Windows Me

    Outlook Express v 6, which is included with Windows XP, also stores messages in *.dbx files

Recovery Capabilities

Disk Doctors Email Recovery Software repairs damaged *.dbx files and recovers *.eml files in the selected destination folder as an output once recovery process is over, which simply can be imported by drag and drop function to a new folder in Outlook Express.

This Outlook Express email recovery software is accompanied by an on-screen "wizard"; which guides you through the recovery of lost emails from “dbx” & “mbx” files step by step. When all is accomplished you will get all the recovered emails or repaired outlook fold

Disk Doctors Outlook Express Email Recovery (.dbx) recovers emails after:

    1. Files corruption due to “Compact File or Compact All Folders” option usage.
    2. Most Common Cause: Antivirus trying to scan incoming & outgoing emails sometime causes data corruption to *.dbx files.
    3. Huge number of outlook express emails in Inbox or Sent Folders sometime causes data corruption to the respective .dbx files.
    4. Accidental deletion of email or permanent deletion of emails from deleted items folders in outlook express

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