The Learning Company: Treasure Mountain!, Kids Educational

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PC | Win95 - XP | Educational | ISO | 330 MB | Age Range: 5 - 9
This CD by The Learning Company enriches reading, thinking, math and science skills in an exciting adventure game that kids love to play.
You are the Super Seeker. Your goal is to find clues that will lead you to the treasure. The problem is the pesky elves have the clues. First you have to catch them and then answer questions to earn the clues. Once you have all three clues you can search for the treasure.
This CD has over 450 problem solving questions that cover a broad range of skills including thinking and problem solving, sorting, comparison and set, reading comprehension, letter and word recognition, vocabulary, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and numerical reasoning. The problems can be spoken for nonreaders.
Problems and clues get harder as children progress to the top of the mountain. Hints, message and positive feedback make this game easy and enjoyable to play. This is learning that is actually well integrated into a game that kids 5-9 really like to play.

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