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MMM free

MMM free is a useful software to customize your Windows right click menu. When you have a growing list of applications, size of your right click menu also increases as most of the applications ad a menu. This results in a long right click menu which is difficult to manage. This freeware application lets you configure any right-click menu no matter which file you click on. Mmm lets you get rid of the items you never use. Lets you move those items you rarely use out on a submenu.

MMM Free - move items in context menu!

Make your menus go Mmm...

Customizing the menu is a bit confusing at the first moment. You need to right-click a file and then immediately launch MMM. This hows up a list of commands that can be run, which you can drag under “Hidden Items” or “Rarely used”. If you select items into “Rarely used” category,then it added an option in the menu.

This software runs in memory , but used very less memory. The whole program is just about 508kb. MMM is supported only in Windows XP.

Here are some key features of "Mmm FREE":
· Apart from the Windows Explorer and the desktop, Mmm+ also works in Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and NetCaptor.
· Supports wildcards. This feature lets you move/remove items that change their names. Finally you can get rid of those pesky compression items!
· Works in all normal save/open dialogs in all programs!
· Works on the task-bar!
· Works in the start-menu
· Works on the normal menu-bar in supported programs. Ie. not just context-menus.
· Lets you create your own sub-menus - as many as you like!
· Lets you configure the menus in each supported program individually!

Download Mmm Free

Download MMM from FileForum
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FileMenu Tools 5.3.2

FileMenu Tools is another tool lets you customize the context (right-click) menu of Windows Explorer. The application adds built-in utilities to perform operations on files and folders and adds customized commands that let users run external applications, copy/move to a specific folder or delete specific file types. With FileMenu Tools, you also can customize the "Send to..." submenu and enable/disable context-menu commands added by other applications

Download Mmm Free

Download Now (5.99MB)

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