Iris® Network Traffic Analyzer

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Iris® Network Traffic Analyzer

The Iris Network Traffic Analyzer vulnerability forensics software provides network traffic analysis and integrated forensics reporting. Iris enables security best practices through unique protocol analysis and proven packet sniffer technology providing for a complete network forensics solution.

Continuous Traffic Capture
The Iris Traffic Capture EngineTM (TCE) runs in the background gathering forensic information, ensuring all targeted traffic is captured, regardless of system or user session.
Complete Packet Reconstruction
Reconstruct files and web-browsing sessions back into their original format on the local network, capturing a clear and concise image of the integrity of the network and associated traffic.
Packet Sniffing and Spoofing
Spoof packets, test firewall configurations, test system load-bearing capabilities, and capture evidence of network intrusions - collecting complete logs of your tests and all real-time malicious activity.
Email and Instant Messenger Monitoring
Monitor non-encrypted web-based email and instant message traffic, complementing your normal email & messaging control, audit, and monitoring procedures
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