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Allway Sync 
Sync files between your PC and an external drive, fi ltering by folder, file  name, or fi le type. The program displays warnings about questionable fi les before syncing.


Allway Sync is Free for moderate personal use

  • It's free Sync Software (with limitations)
  • Does not contain any spyware, adware or malware.
  • You can install this PC sync software on as many computers as you need.

Easy-to-Use Windows Interface

  • Do multiple-folder synchronization routinely with just one click.
  • Automatic, on-screen, context-sensitive hints.
  • Simple setup lets you start right away.
  • Multilingual user interface localized to support more than 30 languages.

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DriveImage XML V1.21
Windows Make an image of your entire hard drive for backup and restore purposes.


  • Backup logical drives and partitions to image files
  • Browse these images, view and extract files
  • Restore these images to the same or a different drive
  • Copy directly from drive to drive
  • Schedule automatic backups with your Task Scheduler

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       Install the utility on multiple computers, create an online account where you identify each computer,and pick folders to synchronize. Up-to-date data becomes available on all those PCs whenever you make a change in a folder, with sync taking place in the
    background so you’re never disturbed, just happy to find your fi les whereveryou work.

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    MozyHome provides automatic online backup for up to 2GB of your data.

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    Web Pack away all your passwords in this secure online vault; it even logs you in to Web sites.

  • Anti-Phishing Welcome Message
    Customized, IP filtered, Welcome Message.No other online password manager has this.
  • 1 Click Auto-login
    Click to login as you browse. No plugin needed.No other online password manager has this.
  • Rapid Sign In with "remember me"
    Enter just one key to access them all. No other online password manager has this.
  • Import, Export, Backup and Restore
    Move your data wherever you'd like.Some online password managers won't let you
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    SyncToy v1.4

            Windows Make sure folders across your networked computers contain the same files, even on drives that change location and name.SyncToy v1.4 is available as a free download on the Microsoft Download Center. The easy to use, customizable application helps you copy, move, rename, and delete files between folders and computers.


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