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A useful platform to share any applications/software/files, on your computer, with your co-workers.

Gogrok is a high performance platform for sharing real-time data over the Internet. This software will allow all non-technical users to connect to their friends or colleagues using the Internet, not only to talk, but also to share applications or desktop.With Gogrok, desktop sharing, screen sharing, application sharing, real-time co-editing, and voice and text chat can all be done within only few clicks

Once the session starts, the presenter can choose whether to allow other users to edit or only view on the shared item. Even during co-editing, the presenter may recall the editing right from the co-editor at any time. All the operations can be done with only one click on the graphical user interface.


Advantages of Gogrok:
· Avoid unnecessary travel costs, conduct “virtual meeting” to boost business productivity. Meet people all over the world in your office!
· Watch page scrolling, flipping, and all the actions on presenter's computer at the same time. Everyone is always watching the same screen, no more misunderstanding.
· Real-time interactions with others like face-to-face meeting in the same meeting room.
· Whoever has something to share, "sharing right" can be switched to him. Everyone can ask for "editing right" to edit the shared document.
· Learning comfortably at home!
· Teachers can always pinpoint students' mistakes by watching them doing assignments online. If a mistake is spotted, the teacher can show them how to do it right.
· Physically being in the same classroom is no longer necessary. Teachers and students can discuss in the comfort of their homes, giving them more flexibility in their schedule.
· Teachers can demonstrate, or watch their students practicing online.
· Any expertise? Use it to make money!
· You can provide any kind of services through Gogrok, as long as they can be done with files or software on computers.
· Clients not satisfied with the end result? Modify it online with them to make sure they get what they really want.
· You can provide global expertise services, distance is not a problem


SysReq:Windows XP/2003/Vista | Freeware |11MB


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