The Ultimate Troubleshooter

Satheesh C B | Monday, September 22, 2008 | 0 comments

65% of problems which a PC encounters (PC slowness, temporary freezes, full lockups, crashes, blue screens, sluggish behavior), whether in business or at home, are not caused by background tasks belonging largely to legitimate and often well-known software you use every day.


  • TUT helps you tune up your PC exactly like the experts do thanks to TUT's extensive and detailed database of tasks, services, and startups.
  • TUT's database, The Task List, is so comprehensive, detailed, and thorough it is featured in HP and CNET online Windows XP Management Troubleshooting & Maintenance courses
  • TUT helps most users make Windows start up faster. Our stats show that 90% of users who use TUT achieve a faster Windows boot time than before they used TUT.
  • Further stats show that 80% of TUT users achieve a faster and smoother running Windows
  • Once you've tuned up your PC with TUT's opening screens, you can move on to the Advanced Tuning screen to tune up Windows to work exactly as you want it.
  • TUT features the industry leading cleanup and housekeeping functions which will help you get rid of thousands of unneeded temporary files which clutter your hard disk.
  • TUT does not just help you configure your PC for speed, it also emphasizes stability. The advice TUT gives you is all geared towards stability and speed.
  • The Ultimate Troubleshooter caters for both the every day user and the Pros who will love its WHOIS, TraceRoute, Ping, and Name Server Lookup features
  • TUT includes the most advanced, the most complete, and the most clearly laid out PC inventory screen with full details of motherboard, CPU, memory, hard disk, and a full software inventory.
  • TUT incorporates two decades of expertise in all matters computing with emphasis on ease of use through its industry-first innovative traffic lights system and Plain English
  • In short : TUT is PC healthcare, PC repair, PC tuning, and PC maintenance in Plain English
  • SysReq:Windows NT/2000/XP|Ver:4.69  (12-Sept-2008)|21MB

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