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Metasearch Engines allow searches to be sent to several search engines all at once. The results are then blended together onto one page. Below are some of the major metasearch  engines

Dogpile - Dog Pile is a "meta" search engine - it querries multiple search engines and gives you pages and pages of results, usually one page from each search engine. Dogpile currently gets its results from Google, Yahoo!, Live Search, and Ask – together in one search box to deliver the best combined results. The process is more efficient and yields more relevant results.


sparksspace032 - It is a new search engine for finding and comparing top results for the keyword you entered to its search bar. Triplify, which, as the name implies, helps to simplify the trio search engines so that you can search, compare the search results.



  • Compare search results from Google, Yahoo and Live search engines.
  • Sort results by position, title, description, URL and search engine

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In addition to that, the results that are produced are completely sortable – all you have to do is hit the title of the column to rearrange them as you see fit. - Basically URL's a search engine that pulls results from Google, Yahoo and MSN, ranks the results on the screen according to position and allows users to rank or comment on what they see. On the whole it does the job reasonably well, and is worth taking a look at.It collects the top 10 results from all engines and arranges them in a nice tabular layout. It also offers search suggestions in case you misspell a query.


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URL uses a standard metasearch system for ranking results. -Scour is a search engine for the web2.0 generation gathering results simultaneously from Google, Yahoo, and MSN, these results can then be voted or commented upon. Members can also earn money simply by using Scour through the sites points system.

The search interface is nice and you can double click any word in the description to further fine-tune the search results.  You can view comments from other scour users and also add you own votes.

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Each registered user earns points for each search, vote and comment they do for each keyword searched. When you’ve earned enough points you can redeem them for Visa gift cards sent directly to you.

  • Search on Scour, and get 1 point; 2 points for every vote and 3 points for each comment limiting it to 4 points for every search and related activities. So you might not go on voting each results of your search.

Point to payment scale as follows


  •   6,500 points  = $25
  • 12,500 points  = $50
  • 25,000 points  = $100



    Meta-Search Engine Owner Primary Web
    Special Features
    Vivisimo Vivisimo Ask, MSN, Gigablast, Looksmart, Open Directory, Wisenut Google Clusters results
    Clusty Vivisimo Ask, MSN, Gigablast, Looksmart, Open Directory, Wisenut Google Clusters results
    Ixquick Surfboard Holding, BV AltaVista, EntireWeb, Gigablast, Go, Looksmart,Netscape, Open Directory,Wisenut, Yahoo Yahoo  
    Metacrawler Infospace Google, Yahoo! Search, MSN Search, Ask Jeeves, About, MIVA, LookSmart    
    Mamma Mamma Media Solutions About, Ask,, EntireWeb, Gigablast, Open Directory,Wisenut Miva, Ask
    Refine options
    Kartoo   AlltheWeb, AltaVista, EntireWeb, Exalead, Hotbot, Looksmart, Lycos, MSN, Open Directory, Teoma, ToileQuebec, Voila, Wisenut, Yahoo ?? Visual results display

    Thanks Amit

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