New On Google’s Blogger: Import-Export Blogs

Satheesh C B | Friday, December 12, 2008 | 0 comments

The Import & Export feature in Blogger is now live and it can be accessed from the Settings tab of your Blogger dashboard.The import and export features on Blogger give your content a whole new range of portability and freedom.

Now you can export all of your posts and comments into a single, Atom-formatted XML file for easy backup,this may come handy in situations when you accidentally delete some old blog post or if Google blocks your blog due to policy violations . You can then import the posts back into Blogger, either into an existing blog or into a new one.


To export your blog, log in to and go to the Settings > Basic page. You’ll see the Blog Tools links at the top of the page for importing and exporting.


Once you click “Export blog” and press the “Export” button on the next page, your browser will prompt you to save the XML file for your blog. Keep it somewhere safe as a backup, or import it into a different blog. You can import one blog into another from the Blog Tools links, or when creating a new blog. Look for the “Advanced Options” at the bottom of the page.



  • Merge two or more blogs into one. Take the exported posts and comments from one blog and import them into another one.
  • Move individual posts from blog to blog. After importing, select just a set of posts to publish and publish them with one click.
  • Back up your blog to your own storage. You can keep your words safe and under your control in case anything happens to your blog, or if you want to remove them from the Internet.
  • Move your blog somewhere else. Export file format in standard Atom XML.


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